Huffington Post and Facebook Partner On HuffPost Social News

Posted Aug 17, 2009

Liberal-focused The Huffington Post and social network have partnered on a new website called the HuffPost Social News.  HuffPost Social News aggregates Huffington Post news stories that are being discussed through Facebook.

These stories include links on The Huffington Post that is being commented on in Facebook.  Stories that are shared by users are also mentioned on the HuffPost Social News website. This concept is similar to TimesPeople, a social network that The New York Times launched last year.

“Our goal is to make HuffPost Social News the go-to place for Facebook users to share news–both the stories they love and the stories they hate–with friends,” stated Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau. “It should also appeal to marketers interested in reaching passionate, savvy readers who care about the news and who want to share their interests with friends.”