Report: Hulu will be hitting $1 billion in revenues for 2013

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Hulu, the popular video streaming service, is supposed to hit $1 billion in revenues for the year 2013. That is up from $695 million in 2012. This is very impressive considering that Hulu launched out of beta in 2008. Hulu depends on advertising and subscribers for their income. Hulu hit 5 million paid subscriptions in early 2013 and there are over 1,000 advertisers on the website.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus’ offerings includes premium programming from over 488 content partners at over 86,000 TV episodes, 2,900 TV series, and 68,000 hours of video on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Hulu Originals

Hulu launched over 20 Hulu Originals in 2013 and the company is planning to double that number over the next few years. Some of the shows include The Awesomes, Behind The Mask, and The Wrong Mans.

Hulu Team

Hulu hired over 260 new team members over the course of the year. The Hulu team now has 725 employees. This is almost a 20% growth in employee base year-over-year.

[Source: Hulu Blog]