Hulu Adds A Channel Listing, But They Need More Content

Posted Sep 23, 2008

Hulu, the video network that was created as a partnership between FOX, NBC, and other video studios has add a channel listing to better sort the 900 TV and movies hosted on their site.  Channels include action/adventure, anime, sci-fi, home and garden, comedy, video games, etc.  Hulu will also be powering video recommendations and user forums built around their social network.  These features have arrived shortly after Joost announced that they are taking their video platform to the web.

IMDb recently started using Hulu to power the video section of their website too.  Hulu aims to find more filtered advertisers for specific channels.  For example, in the food and leisure section, Hulu is currently sponsored by Splenda.  Hulu receives about 100 million monthly video streams.  What I would like to see is more full movies added into Hulu’s collection.  In a way, Hulu is also directly competing against sites that host full movies illegally like 

Hulu has an amazing user interface and the video quality on Hulu reigns supreme too.  But until they add more video content, users will stop by and watch a few episodes and not return until new clips are added.  What I’m finding is that Joost has more interesting content.