Hulu hits 6 million subscribers and is adding several TV shows for free on mobile

Posted Apr 30, 2014

Hulu, the popular TV/movie video streaming service, has announced that some of TV episodes will now be free on mobile devices with support from ads placed in between. The change will be made at the beginning of the summer. Until this change, Hulu’s service is free on desktops, but accessing content on mobile devices requires a paid subscription. Hulu also said that it will be launching a new Hulu Plus iPhone app this summer.

Last December, Hulu said that around 50% of its 5 million subscribers were streaming exclusively on mobile devices. The paid subscriber base is now at 6 million.

Hulu has worked with over 1,650 advertisers since the service launched in 2008. Over 600 of these advertisers joined in the last year alone. Hulu’s users spend an average of 50 minutes per session.

Just like Netflix, Hulu is in the business of creating original programming. Some of its original shows include “The Awesomes,” “Deadbeat,” “Quick Draw,” and “East Los High.” Hulu is renewing all of these shows for another season. Hulu said it is going to more than triple its content marketing spend for Hulu Originals this year.