Hulu Plus Hitting 2 Million Paid Subscribers This Week

Posted Apr 17, 2012

Hulu Plus will hit 2 million paid subscribers this week according to The New York Times. This means that Hulu Plus has added 500,000 new subscribers in the last four months. “We grew the business 60 percent from 2010 to approximately $420 million in revenue” in 2011 said Hulu CEO Jason Kilar back in January. This was around the same time that Hulu Plus hit 1.5 million paid subscribers. Hulu Plus is doing very well, but Netflix was hitting about 1 million subscribers per quarter at their height.

Hulu Plus has a large collection of new and old shows. Hulu Plus is available on the web, mobile devices, and video game consoles. To gain additional subscribers, Hulu Plus has started adding original programming with shows like “Battleground” and “Up To Speed.”

Hulu will also gain access to a new advertising market by setting up original programming. Hulu will host an “upfront” presentation, which have historically been used by networks to pitch advertisers on their upcoming programming.