Hulu Plus Hits 4 Million Paying Subscribers

Posted Apr 30, 2013

Hulu has hit over 4 million paying subscribers for the Hulu Plus service.  The number of subscribers even doubled since last year.  In Q1 2013, Hulu has streamed a record of over one billion videos.

Hulu said that they are now offering around 57,000 hours of content on Hulu and Hulu Plus including over 70,000 full TV episodes from around 2,500 shows.  Hulu has 470 content partners and served over 1,000 brand advertisers since launching.  Hulu Plus is now available on over 350 million mobile and connected devices.

“Mobile viewing is growing at a significant rate and will account for approximately 15% of Hulu?s consumed videos in 2013-2014. For context, mobile viewing was nonexistent on our service only two years ago. Living room viewing is also growing; it currently accounts for 29% of Hulu?s content consumption, and 80% of Hulu Plus subscribers have watched with someone else,” said Hulu on the company blog.