Hulu Turns 1, Introduces Social Networking Features

Posted Mar 12, 2009

The video website that was put together by FOX and NBC has turned one years old.  The company has done a lot in that one year.  Currenly the website is top 300 on Alexa and sits at #49 on Quantcast, indicating that they get a good number of hits every month.  They even had their first commercial which aired during the Super Bowl and starred Alec Baldwin.  That commercial resulted in a 50% increase in traffic.

Before Hulu was introduced, many people doubted that the company would ever match YouTube’s success but they’ve proved the world wrong.

A feature that Hulu will be rolling out soon is a social network within the site.  This is where you can inform other users what you are watching.  Hulu has about 1,150 shows and about 550 movies on the site.  They had about 24 million viewers in January and streamed 250 million videos.

[via USA Today]