Hulu’s Talks With Time Warner Cable For Ownership Fall Apart

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Video streaming service has cancelled plans to sell equity to Time Warner Cable.  Discussions may be started up again at a later date, according to sources with Variety.  There are currently three media companies that own Hulu: The Walt Disney Company (ABC), News Corporation (FOX), and Comcast (NBC).


Earlier this year, these three companies solicited bids to sell the company.  DirecTV, The Chernin Group, AT&T, KKR, and Guggenheim Digital all made offers.  Time Warner Cable proposed a partial ownership stake.

On July 12, Hulu’s owners decided to end the bidding process and invest $750 million into the video website to add more content and continue growing the company.  They decided to end the bidding process because the offers were too low.