Hundreds Of People Lining Up To Buy The iPhone 5

Posted Sep 21, 2012

[image credit: The Guardian]

Even though the iPhone 5 is getting bad publicity around the Maps service, hundreds of people are still lining up to buy the new smartphone.  The Guardian is reporting that there was the largest ever retail line to buy the iPhone 5 outside Apple’s Regent Street store in London.

Around 1,297 people were in line as the doors opened at 8:01AM according to researchers at a company called 63336, a Q&A service that monitors lines at Apple stores.  This beats a previous record where there was 778 people in line for the iPhone 4S.  Around 1,000 people were in line outside of the Apple store at the Bluewater shopping center in Kent, U.K.  Some of them arrived at 2AM and the store opened at 8AM, which is two hours earlier than usual.

“Today has created a new record in terms of the number of people is a testament to both the unique appeal of the Apple brand and Bluewater’s reputation as the place to buy the latest and greatest products,” said Bluewater general manager Robert Goodman.

At a retail store in New York, customers eagerly waited outside for the iPhone 5 also.  There is an Australian gambling website that is taking bets on how long the line will be for the Sydney release.