Hundreds Of People Receive Anti-Obama Text From Republican Consulting Company In Northern Virginia

Posted Nov 1, 2012

Yesterday millions of people received an anti-Obama spam text message that are following the presidential campaign through social media.  The anti-Obama spam text messages were sent out between 7:30PM and 10PM.  The texts were sent anonymously, but it was quickly traced to a Republican consulting company in northern Virginia.  The company, ccAdvertising, in Centreville, Virginia claims that they have not done any wrongdoing.

The domain name registrant name changed between Wednesday morning and Wednesday night.  It went from Virginia state Senate candidate Jason Flanary to G. Joseph.  Gabriel Joseph III is known as the CEO of ccAdvertising.  The anti-Obama spam text messages were sent from an e-mail address, which means that ccAdvertising has tons of people’s phone numbers in their databases.  How they harvested those numbers are beyond me.