“I Am Richer” For The Android Is A Waste Of Money

Posted Feb 24, 2009

You may remember that Armin Heinrich created a $999 iPhone application called I Am Rich.  A few people bought it, some on accident, but then Apple removed it and refunded the money.  Now a similar application is showing up in the Android Marketplace for $200.

The $200 price is the maximum charge that a developer can have for a single app in the Android Market.  The difference between the I Am Rich app and the I Am Richer application is the color of the diamond.  The I Am Rich application has a red diamond.

To be honest with you, I believe that these “rich” applications are crap.  They are pretentious and are a waste of money.  I can think of about 200 reasons why you should not buy the “I Am Richer” application.  All 200 reasons that I would give you all link to charity so don’t ask me to list them.  Its your money.