I Have 50 Dollars Is An App.net Parody

Posted Aug 17, 2012

Earlier this month, App.net’s Dalton Caldwell told a story about how Facebook offered to buy him out or compete with him head-on.  As a result, Marc Andreessen stepped down from the App.net board of directors due to a conflict of interest since he was also on the Facebook board of directors.  Currently App.net is funded for a new project that is expected to be an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.  Due to all of the attention that App.net is getting now, a parody has been created called IHave50Dollars.com.  IHave50Dollars looks just like App.net and the website says that it is a social network for people that have an extra $50 laying around.

?We?re building a real-time social service where users who have $50 and developers who have $100 come get to tell people that they have $50 or $100, respectively,? says the website.  The $50 member tier gets your a full year of telling people that you have $50.  The $100 tier comes with a widget to embed on your blog where you can tell people that you have $50.