I Take It Back, WordPress: I’m Switching Back to IE 7, Here’s Why

Posted Mar 23, 2007

Four days ago, I wrote a detailed post about how WordPress 2.1 and WordPress 2.1.2 and how it doesn’t work well with the Pulse 2.0 back-end while using Internet Explorer.  Well WordPress, I have you figured out.  Essentially, I couldn’t even click on the Pulse 2.0 Visual editor when I was logging in from http://www.pulse2.com‘s Admin, but it does work when I log into‘s Admin.  I have no idea why this is the case, but this is just something that I discovered when testing the Admin page tonight.

From now on, I’ll be using Internet Explorer to write my posts again and also to the browse the Net.’
Reasons for this:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 has some significant improvements over Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Alexa toolbar
  • Viewing fonts and websites with Internet Explorer may take a bit longer to load, but seem to be sharper than Firefox
  • Lastly, there are add-ons to make IE 7.0 more Firefox-like listed on the Google Operating System blog.  I’ll be installing them shortly. 

WordPress development team, I owe you an apology for thinking that the back-end didn’t work for IE.  However, there are still some bugs in the system, but I’m sure you are looking into it.