IAC Chairman Barry Diller Will Be Expanding To Most Larger U.S. Cities

Posted Jul 13, 2012

Aereo is an online TV service that is backed by IAC’s Barry Diller.  Diller said that Aereo will be expanding beyond New York City to other large U.S. cities after a recent favorable court ruling.  ?We?re going to really start marketing,? said Diller in a Bloomberg Television interview from Sun Valley, Idaho. ?Within a year and a half, certainly by ?13, we?ll be in most major? markets.

A U.S. district judge said that Aereo will be able to continue operating despite a lawsuit from the major TV networks.  The judge said that a ruling that favored DVR from the major TV networks is similar to the one that was filed against Aereo.  Aereo grabs broadcast signals with small antennas and then streams them to devices to the Apple iPad without having to pay for the programs.  ?The ability for consumers to receive broadcast over the air signal is their right,? said Diller.

?One of my friends at a large broadcaster said you succeeded in dropping my stock 2 percent,? said Diller.  ?I did think we were on the right side of this, and I?m happy the judge agreed with us.?

The cases is under American Broadcasting Cos. v. Aereo , 12-01540, and WNET v. Aereo, 12-01543 , U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).