iBaby Labs’ HeartSense Lets Parents Listen To Their Baby’s Heartbeat Through The iPhone

Posted Jan 22, 2013

iBaby Labs has announced a new product called the HeartSense.  The HeartSense lets parents hear their baby’s heartbeat through the iPhone.  The HeartSense is a small egg-shaped sensor that can be used by expecting parents to hear a baby’s heartbeat instantly through an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  To use HeartSense, you just need to remove the top portion of the egg-shaped fetal doppler and place it on the expectant mother’s stomach.  Parents can hear their baby’s heartbeat on the mobile device or tablet using the iBaby application.

?These new products are compelling, easy to use and what parents are asking for,? stated iHealth Labs general manager Adam Lin. ?The iBaby Monitor M2 and iBaby HeartSense provide parents with a sense of confidence in their baby?s health by tracking their heart rate and providing a mobile window on their child?s life using their iPhone or iPad.?  Families can use the iBaby HeartSense to record the baby’s heartbeat as well.

[Source: inquisitr]