Apple iBeacon is going to be used for a CES scavenger hunt

Posted Jan 3, 2014
We already know that Apple’s iBeacon technology will be used for helping consumers find products inside of Apple retail stores. Now iBeacon will be used for something more fun. Next week at CES, the iBeacon location-sensing service will be used for a scavenger hunt. Attendees of the conference simply have to download the CES mobile app for iOS or Android. They will see an iBeacon badge throughout the conference center. The first 3 players to collect all of the iBeacon badge will get a prize.
“This promotional scavenger hunt demonstrates our commitment to leveraging the latest in emerging technologies, making CES the most interactive and engaging technology event of the year,” stated Consumer Electronics Association’s senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships Jeff Joseph. “This promotion is a fun and novel way to introduce attendees to iBeacon technology and encourage participants to visit important exhibits across the show floor.”
The Consumer Electronics Association is partnering with Radius Networks and Texas Instruments (TI) on the scavenger hunt. Radius developed the hardware and TI created the low-energy Bluetooth that is used for iBeacon.

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[Source: CNET]