IBM to buy Aspera

Posted Dec 20, 2013

IBM announced on Thursday that they will be acquiring Aspera. Aspera is a startup that has developed technology for transferring large files through the Internet. The Aspera protocol is known as fasp. fasp is used by movie studios to send gigabytes of fils between servers. Aspera claims that they can send a 24 gigabyte file halfway around the world in 30 seconds.

?Our team has redefined how the world?s biggest data can be moved quickly, securely and reliably around the world,? stated Michelle Munson, president and co-founder, Aspera. ?By tapping into IBM?s innovative capabilities and global resources, we will solve ever expanding data movement challenges for our customers now and in the future.?

Aspera recently won an Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. The academy said that faso is an “industry game changer” that is used by ?virtually all the major broadcast television networks, Hollywood studios and CG/animation houses.?