IBM Awarded 5,896 Patents In 2010

Posted Jan 11, 2011

IBM has been awarded more patents in 2010 than any other company. This puts IBM at the top of the list for patents awarded in the last 18 years. The company was given 5,896 patents this year according to IFI Claims Patent Services.

Samsung was next on the list with 4,551 patents received for 2010. Microsoft had 3,094, Canon had 2,552, Panasonic had 2,482, Sony had 2,150, Intel had 1,653, LG had 1,490, and HP had 1,480.

IBM is now the first company to be given over 5,000 patents in one year. The company spends around $6 billion in research and development every year. It took IBM inventors about 50 years to get their first 5,000 patents since the company started in 1911.