IBM Is Investing $1 Billion In Flash Storage R&D

Posted Apr 13, 2013

IBM recently announced their plans for flash storage.  IBM is going to be spending $1 billion on research and development and on a series of systems that utilizes solid-state drives.  The company also announced a new FlashSystem line of appliances that are available for businesses based on technology that they acquired from Texas Memory Systems.  The FlashSystem line uses Flash memory which is 20 times faster than a standard spinning hard drive and can store up to 24TB of data.

Ambuj Goyal, general manager of IBM’s System Storage & Networking, said that it financially makes sense for flash storage to be spread widely in data centers.  The Flash memory will be integrated into hybrid systems in IBM’s hardware lineup like PowerSystems and DB2 PureScale.

?The economics and performance of Flash are at a point where the technology can have a revolutionary impact on enterprises, especially for transaction-intensive applications,? stated Goyal. ?The confluence of ?big data,? social, mobile, and cloud technologies is creating an environment in the enterprise that demands faster, more efficient, access to business insights, and Flash can provide that access quickly.?

IBM is setting up 12 Centers of Competency around the world where potential clients will be able to test out IBM’s Flash servers.  The centers will be in India, China, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, South America and U.K. and the U.S.