IBM Is Acquiring Star Analytics

Posted Feb 1, 2013

International Business Machines has announced a definitive agreement to buy out Star Analytics. Star Analytics is a Redwood City based business analytics company that allows organizations to gain faster access and real-time insight into specialized data sources.

Star Analytics helps integrate essential information, reporting applications, and business intelligence tools across enterprises from cloud computing environments. Star Analytics removes custom coding and eliminates manual processes.

“Star Analytics software allows organizations to move critical analytics source data at will and use it regardless of which application they need to use it with, providing both flexibility and accessibility,” stated Quinlan Eddy , CEO of Star Analytics.  “As part of IBM, we can now bring our technologies to a broader range of clients to help them uncover new, untapped growth opportunities.”

The acquisition is subject to closing conditions and will be completed in Q1 2013.  IBM has 9,000 dedicated business analytics and optimization consultants along with 400 researchers.  Around 500 of the patents that IBM has are based on future analytics innovations that helps businesses and governments with big data issues.