IBM Acquires Software Delivery Company UrbanCode

Posted Apr 22, 2013

UrbanCode is a startup that helps companies send out updates for their mobile, cloud, and social applications.  IBM announced today that they have acquired Cleveland-based UrbanCode.  UrbanCode reduces the time needed to send updated apps to the market.

UrbanCode’s services are called the DevOps platform.  The platform has services like uDeploy, uBuild, uProvision, and uRelease.  These services help companies send out updates and receive feedback.  The services also help companies improve the quality of their apps.

?Companies that master effective software development and delivery in rapidly changing environments such as cloud, mobile, and social will have a significant competitive advantage,? stated IBM Rational Software general manager Kristof Kloeckner. ?With the acquisition of UrbanCode, IBM is uniquely positioned to help businesses from every industry accelerate delivery of their products and services to better meet client demands.?

IBM did not disclose the terms of the acquisition, but said that they will continue to support UrbanCode clients.  Some of UrbanCode’s clients include Wells Fargo, Walmart, Disney, and Expedia.