Angry Birds Developer Rovio Launches Viking Voyage Game With Nitrome

Posted Jun 26, 2013

Rovio, the game development company behind Angry Birds, has launched a new 99-cent mobile game called Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.  The Viking Voyage game was created by Nitrome and it is going to be marketed by Rovio.  The Viking Voyage game is going to be under the Rovio Stars umbrella of games.

Rovio is also going to market another game called Tiny Thief under the Rovio Stars umbrella.  Tiny Thief was created by a Brazilian company called 5 Ants.  Rovio has been coasting off of the powerful Angry Birds franchise, but their Amazing Alex game has not been doing as well.

Developers can build games and Rovio will help with the marketing and PR.  Rovio can also insert games into relevant app stores and they can have their own in-house game teams mentor you in order to turn it into a “blockbuster.”  Nitrome’s Vikign Voyage game features a young man that has to figure out all sorts of puzzle missions to rescue his Viking friends that were carried away through their home village.  Some Vikings are trapped inside of ice and so the young man has to break them free with his sledgehammer.

There is an emphasis on talking with various characters in the Viking Voyage game while Angry Birds focuses on just flinging birds at pigs.  Within five days of launching, A Viking Voyage was ranked number 6 on Apple’s top paid app store rankings.