IDC: Apple iOS and Google Android Now Control 85% Of Smartphone Market

Posted Aug 8, 2012

IDC has conducted some research and has determined that between Android and iOS, Google and Apple own 85% of all shipped smartphones.  IDC is basing these numbers on Q2 shipments of Android having a 68.1% market share of shipped smartphones (104.8 million devices) and Apple iOS having a 16.9% market share of shipped smartphones (40 million devices).  Samsung Electronics was the largest driver of Android with 44% of smartphones shipped across the industry.  Nokia’s Symbian and RIM’s BlackBerry have both seen their market share drop below 5% (ouch!).  Nokia has 4.4% and RIM has 4.8% — which is down from 16.9% and 11.5% in Q2 2011, respectively.  Below is a screenshot of IDC’s research in a table: