If Environmentalists Were To Go To War, They Would Use Seedbombs

Posted Jun 3, 2009

Jin-wook Hwang and several other designers came up with an interesting concept called The Seedbomb.  The Seedbomb is a plant that is built into a warhead shaped container.  When the Seedbomb is dropped from a plane or helicopter, it disassembles in mid-air and disperses seeds to keep nature preserved the way it should be.

When the Seedbomb disassembles, a capsule falls out that is made of artificial soil.  The soil houses nourishment for the seed within.  As the seed grows bigger, the capsule degrades.  Treehugger coined this concept as “guerilla gardening.”  Other designers involved with this project include Jeon You Ho, Han Kuk Il, and Kim Ji Myung.

For more information about Hwang, check out his profile at Coroflot.com.