IK Multimedia Releases New Version Of AmpliTube For iOS

Posted Sep 25, 2013

IK Multimedia is a popular music creation software company that has released a new version of their flagship software AmpliTube for iOS.  AmpliTube is a full-featured guitar studio and recording app for musicians that like to work while on-the-go.  The new version of AmpliTube has iOS 7 compatibility and the ability to use the mobile app as a filter app in the new iOS 7 “Inter-App Audio” feature.

Inter-App Audio Support: This feature lets audio apps communicate with each other and stream audio output from one app to another.  This feature is useful for adding effects and processing the audio stream from one app to another.  AmpliTube can be used as a “filter” app in iOS 7 for processing the audio from other apps.  This allows musicians to use all of the stomp box and amplifier effects with any live or recorded content.  This feature is simlar to AudioBus functionality.

Effects, Amp, Cabinet, Mic, Multi-Track Recorder, and DAW: The AmpliTube app for iOS is an expandable playing-and-recording studio for guitarists, vocalists, and producers.  It has a complete instrument signal chain, including stomp box effects, amplifier head, cabinet section, and microphone.  The app also has multi-track DAW editing-and-sequencing tools.  The app is expandable with gear collections from manufacturers like Ampeg and Fender.

Plug-In And Play With Lightning-Compatible Accessories: The AmpliTube app works with the IK Lightning-compatible accessories like the iRig PRO universal audio/MIDI interface and the iRig HD audio interface.

You can learn more about IK’s devices at IKMultimedia.com.  The AmpliTube app update is free for existing AmpliTube users.  To buy the app, it will cost $19.99.  There is also a free version available.