iKlipz: An Indie Film Distribution Video Website Run By Hollywood Execs

Posted Apr 23, 2007

I had not heard about iklipz.com until I read the L.A. Times.  This website seems like it could be competition to Will Ferrel’s Funny or Die video website.

Arthur Cohen is the co-founder of iklipz.  Cohen is a former head of marketing at Paramount and oversaw promotions for Ghost, Forrest Gump, and Titanic. 

Cohen wanted to ensure that the quality of videos on his website were higher quality than the blurry videos on YouTube.   “I’m very connected in Hollywood,” Cohen said in response to what makes Cohen think his site could potentially be as big as MySpace.

Below is a screen shot of the site:

The website contains a list of the Most Popular, Highest Rated, Newest, and Our Picks videos.  The most popular videos as of right now are Shrek the Third TV spots. 

Some of the other videos that are featured on iklipz includes a series called Lipz Service hosted by Los Angeles-based 24 year old, Juliette:

Cohen hopes to see iklipz become a marketplace for indie films.  “The movie isn’t just about the theatrical release or the DVD anymore,” stated Mora Stephens, a director of an indie film called Conventioneers.  Stephens used iklipz to promote the movie. “Every filmmaker just wants people to see their movie and know about it, and all these resources help.”

iklipz videos also provide the ability for users to embed them into their own websites as well.  Below is a trailer for Blades of Glory embedded from iklipz (notice the quality difference?):