“I’m A PC” Advertisement Created Using Adobe Creative Suite 3 For Macintosh

Posted Sep 20, 2008

Oops!  Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) just made a goof.  Microsoft launched a commercial that had celebrities and several average Joes claim that they were “a PC.”  The metadata on the creative copies of the images and videos on the Microsoft website were created using Adobe Creative Suite 3 for Macintosh.

The celebrities and the average Joes on this commercial should say that they are PCs, but run on Macs.  The metadata of the images and videos were modified later on.  Below is a screenshot from Flickr user LuisDS:

The audio was also mixed on Macs according to a source at RoughlyDrafted.  About 5 years ago, Microsoft fired an employee for posting a picture of PowerMac G5 computers being delivered to the software company.  Microsoft Zune inventor J. Allard also once placed a recycle bin for iPods at the Zune offices.

As much as Microsoft denies it, they need Apple.  And vice-versa.