IMAGiNE Torrent Group Leader Jeramiah Perkins Arrested

Posted Jan 5, 2013

Jeramiah Perkins is the leader of a torrent group called IMAGiNE.  Perkins will be serving the longest prison sentence in the United States for file sharing at five years.  Perkins is a 40 year old from Portsmouth, Virginia that went to theaters that recorded movies in one go and then recorded the audio in the second go.  The two files would be synched and then distributed on torrent websites.  IMAGiNE was one of the largest piracy release groups between 2009 and 2011.

?The conspirators informally identified themselves as the IMAGiNE Group and sought, among other things, to be the premier group to first release to the Internet copies of new motion pictures only showing in movie theaters. It was further a part of the conspiracy to use computer software to digitally refine and to edit the video and audio portions of a motion picture and to combine or synchronize the two components into audiovisual movie files,? stated the indictment of IMAGiNE.

IMAGiNE’s goals were to make movies available for download before the DVDs were released.  IMAGiNE rented servers in France, Canada, and the United States.  One of their websites is  The group kept running by accepting donations and payments from people that downloaded the copyrighted files.  U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen gave Perkins the sentence.  Some of the other IMAGiNE members that were given prison sentences include Gregory Cherwonik (40 months), Sean Lovelady (23 months), and Willie Lambert (30 months).  Another member will be sentenced in March.