Iman Crosson’s Barack Obama Thriller Parody Is A Hit [Video]

Posted Nov 9, 2009

Iman Crosson is quite possibly the best Barack Obama impersonator that I have seen on the web. I believe Crosson does a much better job than whoever Saturday Night Live uses too. Crosson uploads his creative work under the username Alphacat on YouTube. Crosson also specializes on making parodies of rap music videos such as Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Jay-Z’s “Run This Town.”

Before becoming a YouTube sensation, Crosson did time as a waiter in New York. During the presidential campaign last year, Crosson won a Barack Obama impersonation competition held by Denny’s Restaurant. When Barack Obama won the presidential election Crosson made a parody video of the song by T.I. “Whatever You Like” where he sings that as the president, he can do “whatever I like.” That video hit over 10 million views. Crosson made another video this past January impersonating Barack Obama and spoofing BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies.” That video received over 12 million views.

Iman Crosson has found his calling and is now in the limelight. I personally think Saturday Night Live should hire him for their Barack Obama skits. Above is Crosson’s latest videos that makes fun of FOX News and integrates his Barack Obama impersonation skills with Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. That video went live a few days ago and already hit close to 300,000 views.