IMDb Files Trademark For Term, ‘SoundUnwound’

Posted Dec 2, 2007

IMDb, subsidiary of has filed a trademark application for the term SoundUnwound.  The trademark would cover:
â??Providing information regarding, and in the nature of, social networking services; online social networking services designed for people with a common desire to meet other people with similar interests; Social networking services for music enthusiasts.â?

This means that IMDb may be interested in putting together a social network for those who are interested in music.  IMDb has a little bit of social networking built around their website in terms of discussions, reviews, comments, and the ability to put together a profile.  Building a network that revolves around music would put them in a market that complements the one that they are already in: movies.

IMDb could be building a music database that could be potentially drawing from the same data has. has a full listing of all the tracks on almost every music album selling on their website.  Building a social network around that has potential to become successful.  Other music social networks out there include Amie Street and iLike.

[Found via Mashable]