IMDb Founder Colin Needham Watches A Movie With His Wife Every Tuesday

Posted Jan 3, 2011

The Telegraph UK did a compelling interview with IMDb founder Colin Needham about how he manages work and his personal life. It turns out that Colin and his wife Karen maintain a tradition to watch a movie every Tuesday.

While IMDb is the 42nd most visited website in the world, Needham runs it from his suburban home in Stoke Gifford, Bristol. IMDb currently has about 1.5 million films and TV shows in its database and attracts about 57 million unique visitors per month.

Needham said that he started his business in 1990 and sold it to in 1998. “I have always done this because I love film,” said Needham. “The idea is to point people who like films into the right direction.

You can read the full interview here:
[Telegraph UK]