Imgur Releases An iOS App

Posted Aug 1, 2013

Imgur is one of the most popular photo sharing websites that receives billions of hits per month.  Imgur is known for aggregating a lot of viral content.  Personally I endorse using Imgur as it is one of my most favorite time-passes.  Imgur released an Android app about a month ago.  Imgur’s iOS app looks similar to the Android version.  The iOS version of the app lets you upload, share, comment, and manage galleries.  The Imgur app on iOS is free.

?Our community drives our priorities here at Imgur, and the Android app was a great start but only got us about halfway there,? stated Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf. ?The mobile iOS app gives our iPhone and iPad users a way to enjoy the complete Imgur experience on the go. As more of our lives take place on the go, we want to make sure Imgurians have access to the full suite of Imgur features anywhere they are, on any mobile device.?

Images that go viral on Imgur are featured in the Imgur gallery where users can curate and engage with them through commenting and voting.  You can download the Imgur app on the App Store now.