Imgur Launches An Android App

Posted Jun 26, 2013

Imgur is one of the largest image sharing applications on the Internet today.  Imgur is now available on Android and the company is working on launching an iPhone app.  Imgur has seen a lot of their growth through Reddit.  In January 2013, we wrote about Imgur hitting around 3.6 billion pageviews per month.  Imgur went from being just a photo uploading service into a hub for finding funny images and memes.

Several developers have built Imgur-inspired apps by using an open API that the company offers such as Imgupr for the iPhone.  Imgur launched a beta version of their Android app this past April.  ?We wanted the app to work just like the main site,? stated Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf in an interview with VentureBeat. ?We?ve been working on this six months and collecting feedback.?

Imgur was planning to release the app together on the Android and iPhone.  However, Apple kept rejecting the iPhone application due to copyright infringement and inappropriate content.  Imgur submitted the app to Apple a few times.  After the company explained that they take down copyright content as requested based on DMCA, Apple still rejected the app because it was too easy to find inappropriate content.  Imgur is hoping that the iPhone application will launch in several weeks.

Advertising is Imgur’s primary revenue source.  The company is considering funding and currently has 10 employees. You can download the Imgur app now from Google Play.