Imgur Now Hitting 3.6 Billion Pageviews Per Month

Posted Jan 24, 2013

Photo hosting website Imgur is now hitting over 3.6 billion page views and is hitting around 56 million visitors per month.  Not bad considering that around a year ago, they were hitting about 1 billion page views per month and it was run by just 3 people.  Now Imgur has 4 more engineers and they are still hiring more people.  Imgur founder Alan Schaaf launched the website from his dorm room in Ohio.  It first gained traction after writing a post on Reddit in 2009.  Schaaf wrote that he wanted to create “an image hosting service that doesn’t suck.”

The average user spends around 11:30 minutes on the website and clicks 14 pages per visit.  If you visit Reddit, odds are that you have visited Imgur also.  Reddit is the reason why Imgur’s traffic skyrocketed, but now the company is seeing that 40% of all of their page views are coming from direct visitors.  Before Imgur, people would create images and upload them to the website.  Then they would post them on Reddit.  Imgur believes that they will be able to get a lot of viral traffic from Imgur itself.  The company is also going to launch their own mobile app later this month.

Imgur is profitable because they are running ads on the website and they are working on new ways to generate revenue.  The company has image-based campaigns on their website too.  One of their biggest campaigns was for an image-based campaign for the movie “The Dictator.”  The company has not taken any outside investments.

[Source: TechCrunch]