Impressed By Jalopnik’s Detroit Auto Show 2008 Coverage

Posted Jan 13, 2008

I’m impressed with Gawker Media, a network of blogs started by Nick Denton.  If I miss a major event like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Macworld, or the Detroit Auto Show, I always looked at the newspapers for the pictures.  But between Jalopnik and Gizmodo, I did not have to attend the Detroit Auto Show or CES to get a feel of what is happening at the event.  These two blogs have the most number of pictures I have seen for any of those given events.

The automotive industry in America seems to be in such peril and this is reiterated all over the media, but the Detroit Auto Show is the automotive industry’s time to shine.  The angles and photography of all the cars I’ve seen on Jalopnik are just amazing.  A lot of these pictures get uploaded in real-time.  Looking at these pictures makes me feel like a kid again when I used to attend the show almost every year.

I believe that the reach Gawker Media has makes them qualified enough for an acquisition as big as Weblogs Inc.  Its too bad that some of their editors tend to be big on pranks, thus causing Gizmodo to be potentially banned from further CES events.

New Media: 1, Old Media: 0.