Improv Everywhere prank goes wrong after cops show up to handcuff people

Posted May 1, 2014

Improv Everywhere is a group of people that are known for putting together epic pranks like sending a group of people wear blue pop shirts and khakis into a Best Buy or having a bunch of people take off their pants and ride on a subway. However, an Improv Everywhere recently went wrong. Earlier this month, a manager at the Manhattan Gap store called the police after Improv Everywhere participants walked into the store wearing white “Morphsuits” underneath Gap-style clothing to imitate mannequins. All 40 people were told to zip up the suits before entering the store and pose next to real mannequins for around 5-10 minutes before leaving the store. Some employees enjoyed the prank, but things got serious when the police showed up and handcuffed some of the participants. Some participants left the store unnoticed after unzipping the suits.

The police assumed that the prank was a robbery since there has been some recent flash mob robberies that took place in cities like Chicago and Washington D.C.

Once the police realized that no crime took place, the participants were let go. The store manager at Gap considered banning the participants for life from Gap, but decided not to take action. No charges were filed against the participants.

Improv Everywhere conducted around 20 pranks in retail stores like Staples, Macys, Starbucks, and Best Buy. The last time that police were called was during the Best Buy prank that took place eight years ago.