In Germany Facebook Has 2 Million Users, StudiVZ Has Over 13 Million

Posted May 14, 2009

Facebook has recently taken StudiVZ to court claiming that the German social network is simply a knockoff of their own website.  StudiVZ is one of the largest social networks in Germany with over 16 million users.  Facebook itself has about 2 million active users in Germany.  This makes Germany the country with the 18th most highest number of Facebook users.

To make matters even more interesting, StudiVZ was acquired by a larger company already for a price between ?50 million-?100 million in 2007.  Taking StudiVZ to court is leading people to believe that they are going to go after any other clone next.  Xiaonei is the Chinese clone of Facebook.

In order to gain market share in Germany, Facebook started contests such as the German Application Contest and Facebook for Good – Germany.  Facebook also hired a few ambassadors in Berlin and Munich.

[via InsideFacebook]