Indie RPG Gaming Company Obsidian Entertainment Raises Almost $4 Million On Kickstarter

Posted Oct 18, 2012

Obsidian Entertainment is an indie gaming studio that has raised $4 million through crowdfunding platform company Kickstarter.  Obsidian plans to use the funding to build their isometric and party-based RPG game.  Obsidian received money from 73,986 sources with donations ranging at between $5 and $10,000.  Obsidian raised an undisclosed amount through PayPal, which likely pushed them at above $4 million for the game.  Below is a message that Obsidian sent out after receiving the funding.


?Unfortunately this couldn?t last for an Eternity, but it was an absolutely incredible run. A profound thanks to all of you ? our backers here on Kickstarter and on PayPal, all of our old and new friends from the comments section and our forums, and of course, the Obsidian Order!?

Supporters that made donations can track the game progress at: