Industrial Technology Research Institute Develops Paper Stereo Speakers

Posted Apr 28, 2009

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan has been developing low cost speakers that would work very well with LCD TVs or could even be used as talking movie posters as an advertisement.  The researchers at the Industrial Technology Research Institute have made several rolls of the paper-thin speakers and said that they will be used in cars starting next year.

“A lot of companies are interested in this product,” stated ITRI research director Chen Ming-daw. “We don’t have enough people to handle all the attention right now.”

The paper-thin speakers are known as Flexpeaker.  The goal for the inventors of the Flexpeaker is to make it mainstream enough to product standard post-size speakers that sell for $20 each.  This way movie makers could use the poster speakers to place tracks from a movie soundtrack or play audio clips from the movie as people walk by.

The Flexpeaker researchers are also working on making the speakers wireless and Bluetooth compatible.  The only problem with the speakers is that they don’t handle low frequencies very well.  This can be offset by adding a subwoofer with the paper speakers.

[via PCW]