Infomedia’s Mobile Syndication Service Is The Worst iPhone Idea Ever

Posted Jan 14, 2009

Infomedia, the creator of iFart, most likely had a brain fart when it came up with the idea for Mobile Syndication Service.  Mobile Syndication Service allows anyone to have their own personalized iPhone content delivery app.

Here is how Mobile Syndication Service works. Let’s say you are a Lawyer who wants to tap into the iPhone userbase. You simply pay Infomedia lots of money to “create” a piece of junk app for you that syndicates your news and events to potential clients who own an iPhone. When a potential client downloads your app and launches it,  they see a splash screen with your picture and phone number. When the app starts, the potential client can access your news, events, videos, and Twitter feed within the app. The content on the app is updated through a dashboard provided by Infomedia.

Why is this such a bad idea? Because everything the app does can be done on the iPhone’s web browser.  Why would someone go through the trouble of downloading and installing an app just to follow one specific person or organization. It’s illogical.

iPhone Mobile Syndication Service is a senseless and unnecessary product.