Infosys Files For U.S. Patent Protection For Offshoring Jobs

Posted Apr 13, 2010

Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ:INFY) is seeking U.S. patent protection for: “Framework for Supporting Transition of One or More Applications of an Organization.”

This is the abstract ofthe patent :

“A framework for supporting transition of one or more applications of an organization is provided. The one or more applications are transitioned from a first set of users to a second set of users. The framework includes a transition module, a knowledge capture module, a knowledge validation module, and a collaboration module. The transition module generates one or more transition plans based on information corresponding to the one or more applications. The knowledge capture module captures a plurality of knowledge elements corresponding to the one or more applications. The knowledge capture module further establishes association between the plurality of knowledge elements. The knowledge validation module validates the plurality of knowledge elements and their association. The collaboration module provides collaboration between the first set of users and the second set of users during the transition of the one or more applications. “

Before this invention, Infosys said it was necessary for vendors to incur large visa and travel costs to allow a large number of employees from offshore locations to visit a client’s location for interaction purposes.

If Infosys is granted this patent, then it could cause some possible litigation with their competitors [TechDirt].

Disclosure: I’m a former Infosys employee. I worked there as a software engineer for less than 6 months.