Instagram launches 10 new features, adds filter adjustments

Posted Jun 3, 2014

Mobile photo social network Instagram has launched 10 new editing tools today for iOS and Android. Some of the new tools include adjustment features like contrast, shadows, warmth, highlights, vignette, sharpen, filter strength, brightness, saturation, and adjust (crop/straighten photos). Instagram also added filters. Users can adjust the filter’s intensity using a slider bar.

The slider bar first appear with the Lux tool in the app, but now it is available for a number of editing features to give users more control over how intense the edits appear.

“When you go to select a filter, you?ll now see a new wrench icon. Tap it and you?ll find a tray of photo editing tools ready for you to explore. You can also now adjust how much of a filter you apply to a photo by double tapping the filter icon,” said Instagram in a blog post.

Instagram engineers studied film cameras to determine how light is bent through different lenses to determine how light affects the edges of an image, according to Mashable.