Instagram Lead Designer Tim Van Damme To Join Dropbox

Posted Jul 16, 2013

According to AllThingsD, an Instagram lead designer named Tim Van Damme is leaving the company to join file storage company Dropbox.  Van Damme joined Instagram around a year and a half ago.  Van Damme will join the design team at Dropbox.  Before joining Instagram, Van Damme was an in-house designer at Gowalla.  Facebook hired the team behind Gowalla and acquired the whole Instagram company.  Yesterday Gowalla founder Josh Williams announced he was leaving Facebook also.

?The past 18 months were some of the best of my life, both personally and professionally,? stated Van Damme in a post on his personal blog. ?But it?s time to move on, time to solve a different set of problems.?

Other Facebook employees that joined Dropbox recently include designers Soleio Cuervo and Rasmus Andersson.  Van Damme is going to take a few weeks off before joining Dropbox in early August.