Instart Logic Raises $17 Million

Posted Apr 17, 2013

Instart Logic is a cloud-based startup company that helps publishers improve their performance on mobile networks.  Instart Logic has raised $17 million in Series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. Instart Logic has raised a total of $26 million thus far.

Instart CEO and co-founder Manav Mital said that the company helps solve a problem that publishers have with users being able to access their websites over congested networks.  The company also helps increase faster load times.

?Today?s web and mobile users expect near instant delivery of applications, but the explosion of apps combined with the proliferation of mobile devices has resulted indebilitating performance issues that degrade the user experience,? stated Andreessen Horowitz partner Peter Levine. ?Enter Instart Logic, which has developed a unique and elegant solution that was built from the ground up to resolve the mobile bottleneck and transform the user experience.?

Instart Logic was founded by Mital, Hariharan Kolam, and Raghu Venkat. The three of them previously worked in the engineering department at analytics company Aster Data. Aster Date was acquired by Teradata Corporation for $263 million in 2011.