Integral Ad Science has acquired Simplytics

Posted Feb 11, 2014

Integral Ad Science is an advertising intelligence company for buyers and sellers of digital media that has acquired U.K. based mobile ad and analytics firm Simplytics. The acquisition enables Integral to add mobile verification for both in-app and mobile web campaigns to its suite of solutions. Simplytics’ employees will be joining Integral in their expanding European headquarters in London. Integral?s clients will be able to assess the incremental value from each media partner and each channel.

?Mobile, especially in-app, has been a black box to marketers,? stated Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science.  ?At Integral we?re committed to providing a truly comprehensive and integrated solution set for our clients across the advertising ecosystem. We are going to bring the same level of transparency that our customers have come to expect from display and video to mobile. We believe that by providing these tools to everyone in the marketplace, we will increase the overall value of the digital advertising industry.?

Simplytics is a mobile ad server and analytics platform managing mobile ad campaigns across smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, etc. Some of the brands that they work with include Microsoft, Samsung, Starbucks and Virgin Media.