Intel and 10 Vendors To Release Windows 8 Tablets By End Of Year

Posted Apr 11, 2012

Intel is working with 10 Chinese and global vendors to design Windows 8 tablets. “You’ll probably see many Intel-based tablets by the end of this year,” stated Intel China chairman Sean Maloney at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

Maloney has been working on expand their chips into smartphones and tablets. Intel’s Atom processor was built for smartphones and tablets. Intel promised to give high computing performance while providing longer battery life.

The Medfield chip created by Intel will be used in the Lenovo K800 handset, which is the first smartphone to use an Intel processor. The K800 will go on sale in China at the end of May. Lenovo’s marketshare of China’s smartphone market last year was less than 5%.

Intel is also creating another mobile chip that is code-named “Clover Trail,” which is designed for tablets and it is scheduled to arrive this year. The Clover Trail chip features a 1.8GHz processor.