Intel Acquires Mashery For Over $180 Million

Posted Apr 18, 2013

Intel has acquired a seven year old company based in San Francisco called Mashery.  Mashery’s 125 employees learned about the acquisition after a company-wide e-mail was sent out.  Intel is expecting to offer a majority of Mashery’s employees with an offer when the deal closes in the second quarter. Mashery will maintain their headquarters in San Francisco and will join Intel’s Services Division.

Mashery is known for managing APIs for large customers.  For example, Comcast works with Mashery to allow programmers to access their apps. Intel and Mashery have been partners since November 2012. The two companies developed a service called the Intel Expressway API Manager together.

Intel will be able to offer better cloud-computing infrastructure services since cloud services often communicate with data provided by other companies using APIs.

Mashery has raised $35 million in funding from investors with a valuation as high as $60 million.  According to TechCrunch, Intel spent over $180 million on the acquisition.