Intel Acquires OpenedHand To Improve Linux Usability on Atom Processors

Posted Aug 31, 2008

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has bought OpenedHand, a mobile Linux development company that is based in London, England. OpenedHand will be powering low-power laptops and mobile devices through their Linux software stack built for Intel Atom processors. The developers that focus on building the Linux software stack is known as the Mobile Software Platform community.

“Opened Hand brings great expertise and technology in the area of user-interaction frameworks, improving Intel’s ability to address the unique challenges of enabling cutting edge UIs for these new class of devices,” stated an Intel spokesperson.

Opened Hand also works on open source projects called Clutter and Matchbox. Clutter is an open source software toolkit that makes it fast to create GUIs. Matchbox improves Linux’s usability on mobile devices.

OpenedHand originated back to around the year 2000 when Compaq sponsored Matthew Alum was part of the community and then started OpenedHand. OpenHand has partnerships with companies such as Nokia, One Laptop Per Child, OpenMoko, iRex, Vernier, ST Microelectronics, etc.

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