Intel Corporation (INTC) CEO Brian Krzanich Admits Improvements Are Needed In Mobile Devices

Posted May 16, 2013

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) CEO Brian Krzanich acknowledged today that the company has been weak in terms of smartphones and tablets.  He is hoping to improve chip and manufacturing technologies.  Intel is known for focusing on power-efficient chip production.  During a speech at Intel’s annual shareholder meeting in in Santa Clara, Calif, Krzanich said that the company is adding features for connectivity and security.

?We see that we?ve been a bit slow to move in the space,? stated Krzanich. ?We?re well positioned already and the base of assets we have will allow us to grow much faster in the area.?

Krzanich replaced Paul Otellini recently as the company CEO after he announced this past November that he was retiring.  Analysts are optimistic about Krzanich because he has worked across multiple units of the company.  Krzanich was the former chief operating officer and vice president at Intel.  Krzanich was chosen over several potential candidates.

Intel was known for being a bit late to the mobile market.  This enabled ARM to gain a massive lead.  ARM’s processors are used in most smartphones and tablets.  Intel’s mobile Atom chips are used in 12 smartphones and 15 tablets.

Intel’s chips will be based on the Silvermont architecture going forward.  Krzanich said that Silvermont is one of the largest chip architecture advance in Intel’s history.  Krzanich used to be the head of Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing Group.  That group alone has over 50,000 employees, which is nearly half of Intel’s total 105,000 employees.  Silvermont chips will be three times faster and five times more power efficient than their predecessors.  The upcoming Silvermont-based Atom chips include Bay Trail (tablets) and Merrifield (smartphones) coming in the first half of next year.

Intel is also going to integrate LTE into Atom chips later this year based on the company’s 2010 acquisition of of Infineon?s wireless assets.  Intel is going to release high-performance fourth-generation Core processors early next month code-named Haswell.