Intel Capital Portfolio Company Enjoyor Technology Group Goes IPO

Posted Oct 31, 2009

“We congratulate Enjoyor on its IPO and support the launch of the Growth Enterprise Market,” stated Intel Capital President and EVP Arvind Sodhani. “We see the emergence of a liquid and thriving domestic Chinese equity market such as GEM as critical and essential for growth and emergence of successful innovative technology companies in our portfolio like Enjoyor.”

Yesterday Enjoyor Technology Group went public on the China Growth Enterprise Market. Intel Capital’s investment was made about 8 months ago. Intel signed a 3 year business collaboration deal as part of the investment. Enjoyor is helping Intel push their Atom processors in the areas of digital health-care in China too.

Intel Capital put in about $7.5 billion in companies since 1991. The $7.5 billion were spread across about 1,000 companies in about 45 countries. Of those 1,000 companies, 168 have gone public and 212 have been acquired or merged.